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Our company has ten three to seven layer co extrusion production lines. The R & D team has more than 18 years of experience in raw material formulation and mechanical transformation. Only products you haven’t seen, and no products we can’t do.

The minimum door width can be 2 cm, and the maximum can be 8 meters.

Product type: antistatic film, conductive film, flame retardant film, folded film, antirust film, polymer adhesive film, anti puncture film, weeding film and other common high-voltage composite films and functional films.

Welcome customers with packaging confusion to inquire and come to the factory for advice.

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PE ordinary film is an industrial packaging film product, which has the characteristics of high tensile strength, high elongation transparency, puncture resistance, convenient packaging operation, small volume and so on. It can also improve the physical properties of products according to the different needs of customers. PE film is mainly made of several different brands of polyethylene resin by mixing and blowing, which makes the packaging neat, waterproof and isolating, and is widely used in product packaging in various industries. PE film is made of polyethylene raw materials and appropriate auxiliary materials by one-time blowing. It is characterized by good toughness, high transparency, good heat sealing, beautiful without joints, convenient transportation and storage, and small volume.

Product type: according to the needs of customers, it can be processed into cylindrical membrane, L-shaped folded membrane, single membrane, continuous roll bag or membrane, and can also be processed into cylindrical bag, flat door bag and trapezoidal bag according to the needs of customers.




Tubular film 400-1500mm
Film 20-3000mm




Paper cores with inside φ76mm and 152mm.
Plastic cores with insideφ76mm.

Outside winding diameter


Product use

Textile, building materials, chemicals, metals, manufacturing and other large-scale packaging equipment, articles, etc

Product details

Pure high-pressure raw materials have soft hand feel, high particle transparency, no white broken shadow or crease on the cutting surface, no long drawing, good toughness, easy to break after burning, high particle transparency, and the melting point is generally 160.


HDPE Plastic1

HDPE packing film

HDPE Plastic2

HDPE co-extruded film

HDPE Plastic3
HDPE Plastic4
HDPE Plastic5
HDPE Plastic6
HDPE Plastic8
HDPE Plastic9

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