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This a machinable thermoplastic known for its high strength to density ratio, light weight, longterm durability is one of the most widely used plastics. HDPE is high impact, will not splinter orrot, has very high impact strength, abrasion, stain, moisture and odor resistance. Many gradesare FDA approved for food processing industry. HDPE has a low coefficient of friction and canbe easily cut, welded, thermoformed and machined. Moisture and water (including saltware)have no affect on HDPE. It can be used totally submerged in saltwater or freshwater.

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The HDPE film through multi-layer co-extruded topspin blowing film; co-extrude technology can increase the film strength in the same material and only make small thickness error.
Topspin process make film without falbala, no oscillation edge, no wrinkle, and high flatness.
It can adjust the forming tensile depth and packing capacity through adjusting the thickness of the film.
The independent development of multi-layer co-extrusion low pressure composite films has good flatness, thickness uniformity, and can selective provide high barrier or mid-barrier property of packaging materials for customer. It can be widely used in the composite packaging field of paper, adhesive tape, PP, non-woven fabrics and other products.

Rolls are packed in PE sheets and placed horizontally or vertically on a pallet; protected and fixed with stretch film or palletising hood.

Unobjectionable for environment, recyclable, films can be deposited in dumps or combusted-no harmful substances appear.

Contact with foodstuffs
In the uncoloured variant suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs; when coloured, suitable only up to the limited percentage fixed by the producer.




Tubular film 400-1500mm
Film 20-3000mm




Paper cores with inside φ76mm and 152mm.
Plastic cores with insideφ76mm.

Outside winding diameter


Roll weight


Surface treatment

● Corona treatment.
● Perforation.
● Punching.
● Print.
● Permanent antistatic treatment.
● Antiscratch treatment.


HDPE Plastic1

HDPE packing film

HDPE Plastic2

HDPE co-extruded film

HDPE Plastic3
HDPE Plastic4
HDPE Plastic5
HDPE Plastic6
HDPE Plastic8
HDPE Plastic9

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