5 Things You Need to Know about MDO-PE film

What Is MDO-PE Film?

Do you want minimum thickness and maximum performance? If the answer is yes, MDO-PE film is the right option for you. During the reheating process of machine-direction orientation (MDO) film, Polyethylene (PE) film is slowly mixed into the solution and fed into the stretching unit. Then, MDO PE film suppliers warm up the combination to the desired temperature to get the right outcome for industrial purposes

In the first phase of the process, the film is stretched more than once in the machine direction. Moreover, the PE film is also stretched in the form of rolls during this process. The next stage is known as the annealing stage. 

During the annealing stage, the PE film develops and retains new properties permanently. During this phase, the film is also allotted a shrink index. This value is also ideal in determining the maximum final retraction point for the film. Finally, the film is cooled down and made ready for use.

What Are the Usages and Characteristics of MDO-PE Film?

The core purpose of a machine direction orientation process to create an MDO-PE film is to enhance its basic resistance, optics, and final rigidity. This process turns PE raw material into a powerful, long-lasting, and industrially compliant film for a wide range of uses and purposes. Here are a few of the topmost characteristics of this film:

● High Rigidity: When the film is cooled down, it offers high rigidity and becomes usable for high-temperature industrial applications.

● High Resilience: In addition to high rigidity, the film also offers high resilience and power to the users. It can withstand maximum weight and temperatures without breaking apart.

● Excellent Printability: Moreover, the film becomes an excellent printing medium for brand signatures, taglines, and company trademarks. Companies can quickly print on this film and use it for packaging due to its reduced weight and thickness.

● Excellent Optical Properties: An MDO-PE film also offers high transparency, glossiness, printability, readability, and other optical properties to the users. It further enhances the visibility of anything printed on the film and is ideal for branding purposes.

● Excellent Die-Cutting Performance: Some films offer amazing optical performance but pose many issues during the cutting process. Well, that is not an issue with this option as it brings amazing die-cutting capabilities to the table.

Here are a few of the topmost uses for MDO-PE film:

● Packaging Materials: One of the main benefits of these films is that they are widely used as packaging materials. The enhanced optical performance, minimum thickness, and exceptional die-cutting performance make it ideal for packaging materials.

● Sanitary Products: Another fantastic use of such films is the sanitary products as these can withstand frequent usage, resist moisture, and refuse long-term germ or bacterial hold on the surface. Therefore, this film is also used to create incontinence pads and impermeable layers in diapers. 

Besides, the MDO-PE film can be used to produce protective clothing. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, it has posed a threat to the safety of human life all over the world. Medical staff are struggling in the front line of anti-epidemic work. The protective clothing made of MDO-PE film is of high quality and can effectively protect medical staff.

● Recyclable products: MDO-PE film is environmentally friendly and recyclable. You don’t need to worry about the damage to the environment caused by using MDO-PE film.

What Are the Benefits of Using MDO-PE Film?

The core benefits of MDO-PE films include heightened optical properties and biodegradable inclination. Therefore, companies can use these films to create eco-friendly packaging and products. 

Moreover, these offer excellent moisture-wicking capabilities. So, these are also ideal for sanitary products, diapers, and other items. An MDO-PE film can also refuse a home to viruses and bacteria on the surface, making them ideal and practical for a broad range of medical items.

How to Find the Best MDO-PE Film Suppliers? 

If you are looking for the best MDO PE film suppliers in the market, Novel is the right company for you. We offer industry-compliant, top-notch, and affordable options at your disposal. Moreover, we ensure that our films are created per the latest regulations using state-of-the-art technology. Furthermore, the entire process of quality assurance allows us to eliminate any defects and offer excellent PE films to our customers.

Why Should You Trust in Novel MDO-PE Film?

Novel MDO-PE film offers innovation and modernity in a single package. If you are looking to maximize the environmental sustainability factor for your packaging, products, or internal processes, Novel MDO-PE films are here to save the day. We take pride in our continuous developments and growth, and we intend to stay among the top suppliers with our modern approach to MDO-PE films. If you decide to go with our options, you can never go wrong.

Post time: Jul-22-2022